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Welcome to the Netzkraft Movement!

  • International network of persons and groups who commit themselves - socially, politically, ecologically or spiritually
  • Is based on the willingness to meet other net participants and to support them if possible: principle of solidarity
  • Basic consensus of three common objectives:
    • International body for peace, human rights and environment within the United Nations
    • Sustainable ecological-social economic development
    • Decentralization of political power

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20.10.2016 - WCPA Deutschland :

Unser Beitrag zur heute beginnenden Globalen Aktionswoche für ein Weltparlament: Appell an Erika und Max Mustermann - Macht die Globalisierung der Demokratie möglich! Den Appell ... more

20.10.2016 - Savera Society for Human Initiatives (SSHI) :

Savera Literacy Project : Did you know 758 million adults 15 years and older are still illetrate in the world? Your small donation can transform their lives. Our Vision : ... more

18.10.2016 - Academy of Grassroots Studies and Research of India (AGRASRI) :

Academy of Grassroots Studies and Research of India has organised the 14th Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Lecture programme on 'Is Inclusive Economic Growth: A Myth or Reality' ... more

15.10.2016 - Maweni e.V.:

Maweni nimmt am Wettbewerb der Sparda für Vereine teil. Hier kann man Maweni mit seiner Stimme unterstützen: