I (we) want to become net participant(s)!

There are three ways of becoming a net participant:

  • by sending us your address and a description of your organisation using the form below,
  • by sending us your address using the form below, and giving us the task of drawing up a description of your organisation, based on information in your website,
  • by sending us a description of your organisation or texts for us to edit, to the following address:

Netzkraft Movement
Marsstraße 70
D-46509 Xanten
e-mail: info@netzkraft.net

We commit ourselves to using all transferred data exclusively for the list of net participants and to present you with the intended text before including it in the list. All of your proposed changes will be taken into account (except for unethical contents which, however, would not be expected from our target group, and only up to a length of 5000 letters).

Name extension:
Contact person:
Country postcode city:
Phone No.:
Fax No.:
Please write a portrait of our organisation using the information given on our website and send it to us for approval!
Here is space for a presentation of your organization/project:
(Maximum 5000 letters please)
What are the topics (or issues) your organization can be allocated to?
(Please indicate a maximum of 3 issues.) Aid for developing countries
Aid organization
Alternative economy
Antiracism, policy of integration
Commune, community project
Ecological research/futurology
Educational policy/project
Environmental organization
Environmental project
Human rights
Media project
Peace politics
Social policy/disabled persons
Spiritual organization
Women's policy
Possibilities to support other net participants:
  I/we can arrange for overnight accommodations for one/other net participants in my/our home.
  After prior agreement, I / we can:
give expert advice
give an expert report
give a lecture
communicate specialist information
arrange for new contacts

for other net participants in the following field:
Further possibilities of support:
(Maximum 1000 letters please)
  Volunteers are welcome.
  I/We are committed to the common aims of the Netzkraft Movement. I/We are prepared to meet and support other net participants, so far as we are able.