Staff and financing of the Netzkraft Movement

Mrs. Gertrud Sivalingam and Mr. Jo Becker work for the Netzkraft Movement at the Institute: editing the directory of the net participants and answering letters. Both of them serve in an honorary capacity. A secretary is available for an hour or two at a time.

Jo Becker, Dr. med., born in 1956, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, grew up in the Rhineland. He was influenced by long stays in Asia, by working in the peace movement and by his counselling and therapeutic work with families, with work teams and in psychosocial establishments. After many years of clinical work as Head of Department in the Rhineland Bedburg-Hau Clinics, he took over the management of Spix, which organises aid for the mentally ill. He is married with three children.

Mrs. Gertrud Sivalingam, born in 1962, is a religious and social education teacher. She has worked both paid and unpaid in various institutions with disadvantaged groups (asylum-seekers, foreign children, children and young people who are environmentally disadvantaged, welfare beneficiaries). She is guided by the responsibility which she feels follows from her Christian belief. Commitment and concrete action for people and the creation derive from this responsibility. She works as pastoral advisor in a Catholic parish in Wesel and lives in Xanten together with her two daughters.

All material expenses of the Netzkraft Movement - such as rent, equipment, postage etc. - are financed from income gained by the Institute from training in psychotherapy. The fact that there are no research commissions or other contributions from outside persons means that the Institute is indeed independent, but also that its ability to work for the Netzkraft Movement, is limited:

Telephone inquiries cannot be answered at all, written inquiries cannot be answered immediately.

But don't let this discourage you! Networking thrives on the diversity of ideas and contacts - any information about your work, any proposals or criticisms are welcome!