Common objectives of the Netzkraft Movement
(Basic consensus)

International body for peace, human rights and environment

We want a democratically legitimated elected body within the United Nations that is in a position to develop international solutions for international threats to peace, human rights and the environment and to enforce these by non-violent means!

Sustainable eco-social economic development

We want sustainable eco-social economic development: The price of goods must include the ecological costs, socially compensated where necessary. Avoidable damage to the environment should be prohibited and we should strive for a sustainable economy!

Decentralization of political power

We want a decentralization of political power together with regional autonomy and regional self-determination regarding decisions which do not have to be made above the regional level.

These common objectives (the basic consensus) were developed within the context of a research project (1990 - 1995) with the intention of agreeing on common objectives which unite all net participants. For this purpose, we interviewed ecologically, socially, politically and spiritually committed individuals and groups with the help of standardized questionnaires, individual interviews and workshops and by an analysis of literature. Since the network participants pursue very different programmes and objectives, only basic demands, which are not restricted to single themes are appropriate as a basic consensus.