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African Rights Initiative International (ARII)

PO Box MD 1177, Madina, Accra; DTD P11, Coastal Estate, Batsonna,

Telefon: +233 (0)246649907
Ansprechpartner: Prince Oduro


African Rights Initiative International (ARII), an African Partnership Development Agency is a non-profit, apolitical charity targeted at enhancing citizens’ engagement with the state in relation to the respect, protection and fulfillment of civil, cultural, economic, and social rights.

ARII is a voluntary based humanitarian international organization, established in 2007 and headquartered in Accra, Ghana-West Africa. We are made up of individuals of different nationalities, backgrounds and experiences who are fully committed to improving the lives of women and children, families and rural communities in the African continent.

ARII remains committed to improving the lives of children, women and deprived communities in Africa by focusing on six key areas:
• Education & Culture
• Health Care
• Emergency Relief
• Human Right Protection
• Community Development
• Partnership

African Rights Initiative International works in many fields of operation; from capacity building, providing financial technical assistance to innovative programmes and strategies to create equal opportunities for the empowerment of under-privileged women for sustainable livelihood, supplying medical assistance, to building schools and providing educational opportunities for the under-privileged children on the streets and in the rural communities.
ARII encourages local participation through dialogue and information sharing to promote mobilization of local resource; both human and natural, for the benefits of society and to ensure that everyone can take part in the issues that affect their lives.
• Educational opportunities and Resources to help discover, direct, motivate and develop the abilities of children living in the most disadvantaged communities
• Health Care Facilities for Primary Health Care and treatment of diseases such as TB, Malaria, and other Tropical Diseases
• Expertise & Funding that empowers African´s most vulnerable groups and provide the tools and resources needed to increase their social functioning and self-sufficiency.
• Additional Primary Needs, such as: Potable Water, Sanitation Facilities, Food, Clothing & Shelter

Other projects:
• Sponsor a Child Project
• Equal Opportunity for Under-privileged Women (EQOUW)
• Child Development Forum
• Students in Rural Development
• Community Support Initiative
• Bright Future Campaign
• Family Village Project

Prince Oduro is the CEO of the African Rights Initiative International (ARII).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field: Planning, development and partnership building, strong local support, Education, livelihood, women and children´s development and health.


The Founder/Executive Director of African Rights Initiative International, Mr. Prince Oduro has been has been invited to address a global audience on ‘Leading Innovation in the Social Sector’ at the University at Buffalo, New York, USA.

The conference which is organized by the Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness at the School of Management, University at Buffalo will take place on Thursday, April 27 at Buffalo RiverWorks in Buffalo, New York with the objectives of engaging a diverse group of leaders in the social, business and non-profit sectors on social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

He would be addressing about 300 attendees on African Rights Initiative International’s approach to “Addressing the Critical Issue of Global Poverty and Injustice.

Best-selling author, Seth Godin will be the keynote speaker and it’s hosted by Moly Anderson, Executive Director for the Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness.


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