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3hf Stiftung Schweiz (hansjürg hess humanitarian foundation)

Dornhaus 11
8777 Diesbach Glarus

Telefon: +41-55 653 10 10
Adresse e-mail:info@3hf.org
Interlocuteur: Hansjürg Hess

Les Thèmes

Since his youth the Swiss man Hansjürg Hess has connected people, materials and ideas on a variety of levels. In 2005 he founded the "3hf Hans Jürg Hess Humanitarian Foundation, Switzerland". Since then, he has been committed heart and soul to the objectives of his foundation.

The main mission of the Foundation is that we, with our affluence, should help the Third World. For more than 30 years, Hans Jürg Hess has been engaged in the recycling of materials that are thrown away in Switzerland. To date, he has sent dozens of containers with clothes, school furniture, tools, medical devices and more all over the world. At the present time, our focus is on Haiti. Before people in need can benefit from our abundance, the Foundation, with its Relief Headquarters, has to get to work. It starts with the clearance of schools, hospitals, factories and households. These valuable supplies are sorted by Hans Jürg Hess and stored in an old factory in Glarus. From here, they are loaded onto trucks and sea containers and begin their long journey. This is only made possible thanks the work of many volunteers.

Foundation Projects:
We are working on the following projects for the benefit of mankind:
Worldwide Relief Headquarters: we collect goods and distribute them to the needy. Our aim is to use the abundance of our civilization to help people here in Switzerland and in developing countries. The core idea of our Relief Headuarters is to dispense recyclable items such as hospital and school supplies, tools, clothing, household items, building materials etc. to the needy. What can not find an outlet in the surrounding area is transported by containers and trucks to Third World countries, where it is managed and distributed by us or our partners. This is a win-win situation. We counteract our throwaway society while helping those who are less well off.
• Haiti and other countries: The "new beginning" in Haiti has not succeeded. Even three years after the earthquake and other disasters, this poverty-stricken country is still urgently in need of aid. At the moment, we are preparing 6 overseas containers, filling them with second hand Swiss school materials and supplies intended for 1600 children in Port au Prince, Haiti. This great project is supported by the Salvation Army, who have funded the school building and will be managing the project in the future. A partial opening took place in April/May 2015. The first two containers have arrived. A third is on its way, shortly to be followed by a fourth. It is planned to send a total of six containers.
• Greenland: a large island, thinly populated and with many changes pending. Which path will be taken? Our subsidiary the 3hf Greenland Foundation is attending to these outstanding issues. We are implementing the training project "Permaculture Greenland"..

Hansjürg Hess is the founder of the 3hf Hansjürg Hess Humanitarian Foundation, Switzerland.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.


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