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Network Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (NMDHR)

148 Circular Road
Sierra Leone

Telefon: +232 76410134; +232 76698279
Adresse e-mail:nmdhr1@gmail.com
Interlocuteur: Abdul Karim Habib

Les Thèmes

Network Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (NMDHR) is a coalition of 28 community based development and Human Rights oriented organizations. NMDHR was born in June 2002 and started work in Freetown and Kailahun, in the eastern provinces.

Network Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (NMDHR) is a credible NGO promoting human rights and democratic values. This shall entail information dissemination, and community education on human rights, good governance and democracy throughout Sierra Leone.

Mission statement
Network Movement for Democracy and Human Rights is a Non-Governmental Human Rights Organization. We promote Human Rights and Governance issues through advocacy, lobby and campaigns to change the mindset of the people and increase people’s participation in governance so that development and peace can take place.

Strategic priorities:
• Misplacement of justice
• Health care services
• Organizational development
• Women empowerment and Governance
• Human rights and conflict resolution

• To reduce the high rate of maternal death and infant mortality through awareness raising and sensitization
• To maintenance law and order under a credible Judiciary Management system
• To empower women to participate in governance and decision making
• To promote child right (the right to education)

Abdul Karim Habib is the Programs Manager at the Network Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (NMDHR).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Tittle Community Monitoring for Accountable and Effective Service Delivery in the Health Sector.


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