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ALARM Foundation - Uganda

Bundibugyo, Kasese District

Contact person: Godwin Masereka

+256 786 912539


  • Aid for developing countries
  • Educational policy/project
  • Environmental project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Alarm Foundation Uganda is a community based and non profit making organisation based in Uganda in Kasese District.
Alarm Foundation empowers individuals, families, and communities in Uganda to challenge social evils and access services that improve their quality of life while leading to the sustainable development of their communities. We work closely with the children, youth, orphans, widows, elderly and the disabled. We are instilling skills and provide the basic needs of life like food, shelter, providing scholastic materials to orphans especially those in Kasese District (near the DRC border).

What we do.
Education is key empowement espercially in these third world countries but also the know how and new practices in the field of agriculture and the development of young people can improve chances not only survival but create engineers who could grow up being leaders of this country needs. Time has come to put an end to ther continous creation of lost generations in Uganda. Children who raise need to finally get the opportunity to realise theirb potential and start to transform this country. This can be done through talent scouting and skill development.
Alarm Foundation - Uganda was started to act as a voice for the voiceless after the suffering of the orphans in the community. Further more we have tried to provide food to the orphans by buying food and we have introduced a system of hiring land cultivation in order for the orphans to produce their own food.Lack of accomodation has meant that we have rented a house to where we have managed to to bring all the orphans togetherand provided them with accomodation and food in one place.The children need clothes and i have been using half of my salary and some help from volunteers outside Uganda to buy clothes and food for the children.

• Project of promoting health cooking: Rural women will now access health cooking stoves which consume less charcoal,saves time, have less smoke and do not pollute the environment. This project targets 120 families in kasese. It is no wonder that some homes in kasese cannot afford to have a kitchen and at times cook from outside using stones. These stoves will help rural mothers to be in position to even cook in their houses even during the rainy day.
• Construction of a well in Kitswamba village. We hope to construct a well in kitsamba village which will help to impact more than 1500 people in 3 villages. It is scaring that most people in Kitawamba village have never got access to clean water and only depend on ponds which they even share with domestic animals. This has exposed them to diseases which has claimed their lives. We plan to construct 3 wells which will help to provide clean water from 3 villages of kitswamba,Isule and Kinyabwamba and 08 schools with the 03 villages. More so people travel long distances to have access to clean water and this has also proved a big problem to the elderly who cant walk long distances.
• Environmental protection project: We help to train vulnerable by equiping them with skills in tree planting and nursery bed management. Youth are trained skills in making nursery beds. This helps to conserve the environment but also helps to improve the livelihood of the youth as they sell the trees to most farmers.
• Women Empowerment: We help to empower most vulnerable women by equipping them with hands on skills especially in tailoring,re-usable sanitary making,liquid soap making and carion making. This helps them to become self reliant and be in position to afford their basic needs of life. However we are still lacking the nessarry equipments and capital to use since we serve a bigger population.
Nuresry and primary school construction project. We hope to start a school both nursery and primary to cater for orphans and vulnerable children especially in kasese district. The school mission is to teach vulnerable children in the community at a free cost and the rest of the children from middle state families can payb little money for some other expenses. However we are still moblising funds to see this project commence.
• Poultry project: We also started a poultry project and we have done the foundation stage and we are in the walls construction stage of the poultry house. We hope to accompolish this dream too though we are facing challanges of all sorts like low supply of raw materials and issufficient capital. We believe to have a sustainable impact on the community and ourselves.
• Farming project: Farming is the back bone of uganda and for sustainability. We do supply seeds to vulnerable farmers like cabbages, tomatoes and fruits. Though at times we do face challanges like low rain or dry season,low pesticides and so many.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.